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View Diary: My pre-existing conditions pricing me out of Obamacare in California (149 comments)

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  •  I just retired and it's not much better (3+ / 0-)

    on Medicare. Even there, full coverage is freaking astronomical -- Part A is free, Part B is a hundred and a few, but then there's all the stuff they don't cover.  My Medicare supplement runs 167 and includes co-pays and deductibles and exclusions and in-and-out-of-network rules, the drug coverage will cost $900 in premiums and deductibles before it returns a nickel, and there is no dental coverage available anywhere.  

    I thought Medicare was supposed to be the yardstick by which all other plans would be measured.  It's going to cost, basically, 25% of my annual combined pension and social security -- and I won't be torpedoed by that, but a lot of people would.

    Why insurance companies haven't inspired a new Sherman Antitrust Act (or street riots)is one of the great mysteries. . .

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