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    The news media of this country seem to be giving the ACA the same treatment they gave the Teabag Taliban during their shut down of the government in probably the most egregious and misleading example of false equivalency our civilization has ever seen. The media are helping spread conservative disinformation to the point where, though my company has insurance benefits, they are convinced that they are going to "have to take Obamacare", or some such mindless  nonsense. I even had one claim that "Obamacare has death camps in it". While our resident Joseph Farrah fan is an extreme example, many of these people are very confused and it feels better to blame Obama than it does to actually learn anything about it. I've never made it a secret that I am not a fan of the ACA. In my opinion, people should get health care in this country with the sole qualification of being alive but I do hope for it's success because there is such a need. On the other hand, what the media is doing is trying to ensure it's failure, all so they can maintain access to some really bad examples of humanity. Idiots. Don't they know yet that a teabag politician can't help being compelled to give face when a camera or microphone is present? How can anybody possibly be that stupid?

    "Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for a real Republican every time." Harry Truman

    by MargaretPOA on Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 05:12:23 PM PDT

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