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View Diary: "Shopping While Black": Is Conspicuous Consumption Related to the Black/White Wealth Gap? (38 comments)

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    I have no problem with black nationalism. I personally wouldn't opt for it, but then it's a bit silly for me to say so since I don't have the choice to do so.

    I do believe it's a legitimate term though, as you seem to recognize. Generally when I consider the civil rights era, I see two sizable trends in thought: integrationist & black nationalist.

    Measuring a black economy as separate and distinct from other racial economies presumes two things: first that integrationist political goals are either unattainable or undesirable and second that such statistics can be reliably measured.

    It's not my diary, I'll leave the first of those things up to you. But I challenge the second: that a black economy can be reliably measured. I would have no idea how you'd allocate the economic resources/production of, say, a factory that produces Toyota cars.

    I'm also a little confused that you think I find black people having the same economic, social, and political power scary. If you read this comment, could you be more specific about what comments I wrote that implied that so I can avoid such unfortunate language in the future?

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