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View Diary: Success for the ACA means Destruction for the GOP (65 comments)

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    Why would Obama enter negotiations with the GOP on the ACA? They've already tried shutting down the govt and threatening not to lift the debt ceiling but that didn't work out so well. Once the subscription targets are reached and there's no sticker shock with the 2014/15 rates, Obamacare will be firmly entrenched.

    Boehner May lose 7-10 seats next year and at which point it will be impossible for him to pass anything without Dem votes. I personally think he will retire after the 2014 elections.

    The only way your scenario comes into play is if somehow there aren't enough signups of healthy young folk and the insurance industry jacks up rates, that will be tough as by then several state exchanges would have been running and blue state insurance commissioners are no longer caving to insurers, they are actively challenging the rate hikes. It will be interesting to see  how the MLR provision affect 2014/2015 rates.

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