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    I agree: G-d repeatedly intervenes in the life of the People of the Book and, indeed, in very definite ways. Plagues, miracles, aid to those who call on Him, speaking through prophets, etc.  

    But here, G-d's intervention is through the character of Rebecca. Being faithful to the Lord, she reasons something like this: turn over the clan to a bunch of Hittites? Over my dead body! One can say--without being wrong--that this is not G-d intervening; it is Rebecca. I would say that it is G-d's spirit, which dwells in and is part of the nature of Rebecca which causes her to rebel against her husband and oldest son and even invite a curse down upon herself, rather than allow the bloodline to run through Hittites.

    This, too, is within the text.  

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      I just don't believe in that kind of interventionist stuff.  it's myth, not reality.

    •  there is nothing at all that says Rivka didn't (2+ / 0-)
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      ramara, RiveroftheWest

      worship idols herself, you assume she didn't.  And she didn't seem to have a problem when they married into the family either - only when she decided to use it as an excuse to jack up her son's inheritance.

      Please chill out on the preaching.  This is dvar Torah, not PTL hour.

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