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  •  interesting juxtaposition of concepts of rivka (3+ / 0-)
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    RiveroftheWest, JDsg, ramara

    described in the first few paragraphs as being raised by her affianced husband to be used as a nearly-child breeder, understandably desperate for her own survival in the first few paragraphs, and by section 7 "Rivka turns out to be" --more likely has become-- "far from the holy innocent she is imagined to be", instead a "scheming" dick as her husband and younger son (assuming "witch" is comparable to "dick").

    along the way, rivka is entirely subject to the dictates of her husband, such as where they go to live.

    including the repeat history, as with abraham& sara, of a husband who says his wife is his sister, leaving her exposed to danger & abuse, for the sake of his own objectives where they went to live.

    and again, remarkably, a nonjewish ruler, upon discovering the lie, condemns it for the wrongdoing it could have instigated, and makes them leave.

    esau is said to be a hunter often far away (does absence make the father's heart fonder?) and yakov said at some points to be a keep-to-home student at times described as a 'mama's boy' - for a wife of a very old man and with only 2 sons, rivka has no daughters and no other son to bond with except yakov, for their mutual survival.

    so again one of the lessons of both the previous generation and this one is that making use of people for what good they can do oneself, without concern about the detriment it is to them individually nor among themselves, and no thought of equitable fairness, tends to "set up" everyone involved so there's no survival or safety except by manipulation and abuse.

    and that even when outsiders point out that this is wrong if only because it leads to serious trouble that will spread to harm others,  the chief instigators decline to acknowledge the ripple effects they put in motion, acknowledge only the individual wrong action, and persist in the abusive use of their power over others, to warping effect upon everyone involved and into following generations.

    thanks for the detailed work, much appreciated.

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