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  •  WTF are you talking about? (1+ / 0-)
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    mettle fatigue

    I don't like you (do) is not a major typo.  As in not in the same way you believe.  I don't care enough about Charles II to "not like him."

    •  WTF I'm talking about is at the link to your (1+ / 0-)
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      comment. Read it calmly and you'll see the error of phrasing is yours.

      It's irrelevant whether or not you "don't care enough about CharlesII to 'not like him'" - it's not about him, it's about you so frequently giving yourself license to indulge in discourtesy and manipulative rationalizing toward relative outsiders, such as myself and christians who participate here; you often use the cover of righteous anger, when realistically there is absolutely nothing at stake in these threads to require/need your verbal belligerencies and use of expletives like WTF and "Learn to fucking spell". Torah stands in no need of such defense.

      The rage is simply your indulgence, and yours alone: it undermines the credibility of your oft-cited credentials of yeshiva study, ba'al t'shuva-ism, and living as an orthodox Jew. In past diaries you yourself have said you discovered your Jewish heritage only as an adult, that your study under qualified teachers was relatively brief (and, from you describe, extremely narrow), and only self-guided since then, your sole tutelage the writings of a mystic 200 years too old to correct your missteps. How convenient.

      So when you try to devalue others by bludgeoning with your credentials and by declarations such as,

      "I'm ONE of those people you know, an actual Jew...don't talk to me about my ancestors and how I have to understand how special we are and how I clearly don't,"
      you wear your credentials thinner and thinner, proving yourself every bit the "ordinary Jew" you've sometimes call yourself - a very ordinary one, who trumpets justifications for bad behavior like the vain boasts of a desperate bully, not a Jew serenely confident of his ground.

      You appear to be trying to elevate yourself by portraying others low, both those who in Jewish tradition more than merit your high respect --e.g., parents and teachers - so far every mention I've seen you make of your parents is denigrating despite all they have done for you and continue to do, and you seem proud of having "fired more [rabbis]" than most people ever even go to-- and also those with whom you take issue, as if your arguments to place them low proves their ideas wrong and yours right. It doesn't. That's a hoary old debate trick too lame to work here.

      You have a great mind, but you are no gaon, and in coming to Judaism as an adult without immersion throughout infancy and childhood, you are as much a mere student as everyone else, and that's putting it politely.

      You do Judaism, Torah, and yourself no credit by unleashing your rage addiction in bullying toward others. Knock it off. You ARE ordinary, exactly as you've said. Have the menschlichtkeit to show the same courtesy toward others as they show to you even though you haven't earned it. That is their zchut, that they show it anyway, because it reflects meritoriously upon them and upon Judaism that they do. You should follow their example.

      •  You - I don't like. (0+ / 0-)

        So take your lectures and keep them to yourself.   I've already blocked you because of your bizarre and constant barrage of demands - and I don't want them here either.

        Stop talking to me.  Period.

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