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  •  No - the Guard is a funny organization.... (6+ / 0-)

    I used to be one of those full time AGR types (TXARNG).

    The rules for the NG are a bit different.  The Diarist has covered most of the issues quite well.

    NGB doesn't have what is called "Command Authority" as per AR 600-20.  Most people at NGB think they do, but they don't.  NGB sets policy and disperses funds.  And funding is the tool that they will fuck any state that doesn't get in line.

    They can also pull federal recognition - that is the nuclear device.  Even if the unit loses it for one day, the honors & lineage of the entire unit is lost - forever.  It also means that the unit is disbanded.

    Those states will get in line most ricky-tick.  The rubes running the SCARNG are fixing to get raped very, very hard.  The SCARNG doesn't have ANY force structure (and the money and full time jobs that go with it) that can't be moved to another state.

    It is considered bad form for other states to go "poaching", but when I worked at Camp Mabry in Bldg 2, I would go through other states USR reports and look for units we could steal from states that couldn't maintain those units.  My office would also generate reports on how we could reconstitute those units in the TXARNG.

    Fellow Guardsmen are one thing, but money is money...

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