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    I have a smartphone.  It's an old iPhone that was handed down to me from a friend when my old brick-phone died.  I don't even have data on the cellphone plan, which is under a friend's family plan, whom I throw $25 a month for the line.

    Though I don't currently own a bike, I have garbage-picked many, performed minor fixes like patching tubes or replacing a brake cable, and given them to people who needed them, or as presents to relatives' kids.

    The same goes for several computers, which often are simply thrown out after a year or two after they've picked up so much spyware, malware, adware, etc, that it takes five minutes to open notepad, or they've picked up a virus too nasty for the usual virus-removal programs, by the non-technically-literate.  Monitor included.  Sometimes speakers too!

    If you're getting SSI, you're fucking poor.  That's -why- you're getting SSI.  And food stamps.  In many places, and particularly for women, SS and SSI may -just- pay for your rent.  In many places, it's not nearly enough to do so.

    Many people on SSI are on it because they're disabled and unable to work.  With little money for entertainment and no jobs, yeah, they tend to have a lot of time to post on the internet.  And, frankly, at about $40 a month, high-speed internet access is a miraculous fucking boon for a housebound person in poverty; you can't get more bang for your entertainment dollar, and it allows you to use cheap alternatives to expensive phone and television plans.

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