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View Diary: This is the real 'rate shock': My parents' amazing Obamacare story  (164 comments)

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  •  don't pay anything????? (0+ / 0-)

    I think not.  currently a non-insured/non-Medicaid patient is presented with a health care credit card loaded with the balance due.  granted the patient cannot be charged interest. BUT the patient must make arrangements for payment.  if the patient cannot make that payment, or misses one the interest starts to accrue.  if the patient cannot make the payment at all, they are turned over for collection, that leads to bankruptcy.  if the patient has no income or assets to sieze the debt may or may not be written off after a time.

    most people are honest and honorable.  they feel the responsibility to pay their debt.   they struggle to make at least a minimum payment and see the balance grow. and god forbid they need follow up or more care. or medicine.

    this will change only moderately under the ACA, since even with a small premium there are still co-pays, and deductibles to pay.

    please let me know if this will no longer be true under the ACA.

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