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  •  I've wanted to weigh in on this for a month (27+ / 0-)

    ...but have held my fire.

    In my IT career, I've been involved in many major IT upgrades and roll outs.  This includes both internal step changes (SAP, three implementations) and countless website launches.

    There is no such thing as seamless in the IT world.  Even in internal corporate IT, something as seemingly simple as upgrading password security protocols is fraught with problems.  Force a user to include a special character in their password - and watch what happens, not only in establishing that password, but the implications through all applications that the user accesses on a daily basis, even if your company has a single sign on application that is suppose to synch across all enterprise applications.  It's a joke.

    To expect that a major app such as to roll without any issues, or failure to interface with the many, many agencies that have to be tied in for it to work, is absolutely ludicrous on day one (or day 30).

    I am a veteran.  It took literally years for the Veterans Administration to get to function in a way that met the many variations of needs that veterans required, for both healthcare access and submitting disability claims, as well tracking the access of those claims.  Even today, someone as tech savvy as myself can be flummoxed trying to navigate the site, order prescriptions, or track the course of a claim.

    The entire debacle is, in my mind as developer and a user, a tempest in a teapot.  It will be fixed.  It will provide the information that was intended.  And it will ultimately be a success, despite the GOP harpies who want to see it fail.

    ACA is here.  It will benefit tens of millions of Americans.

    And that's precisely what the GOP is scared to death of - that the boogeyman they're bitching about right now will, at the end of the day, be so successful that they'll look like doddering technology fools.

    Which they are.

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    by Richard Cranium on Sun Nov 03, 2013 at 07:44:37 PM PST

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