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  •  I Am On the Front lines of the ACA Problems (4+ / 0-)

    In my role working for a regional Health system that is offering insurance products on the Fed Exchange,  I have also spent 20 yrs in healthcare and I have a fair amount of experience working to connect new technology with old legacy systems.  

    This is a very hard task made more complicated by the 50-100 legacy systems must connect with between the Feds and the 34 states participating on it.  Any techie who tells you this was an easy job has no understanding of the number of interfaces or the age of the technology being used.  These systems are so old many are programmed in Cobalt or similar languages.  Think Y2K.  I have also built new technology which is either standalone or connects with similar new technology and that is a much simpler task.

    The Obama Admin made a big mistake waiting until after the election to begin this programming until after the election.  I understand why they did it but they tried to cram an 18 month job into 10 months which is largely why we are where we are.

    My biggest worry about the fixes to the website is I am concerned they don't have the right people on it.  Based on my experience, I would expect Microsoft, Oracle or SAP to be deeply involved since these companies built most of the translation software used to get older technology to communicate with web and mobile.  The fact I haven't heard about any of these 3 being involved has me worried.

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