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  •  I bet you don't have many gamers running (1+ / 0-)
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    XP and trying to connect with IE6. Of course this type of user also has two or three root kits installed to make it more interesting...

    •  It's a lot worse than that (2+ / 0-)
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      Andrew F Cockburn, malharden

      it's not connecting with IE6. It's more like connecting with DOS, except even worse. The questions for SS/Name verification? They come from the IRS. That's the only agency in the federal government that would have the info necessary to formulate those questions. The IRS system is ancient legacy. COBOL. And there are what? Like 7 still living COBOL programmers?

      •  I helped set up a web site for our university (0+ / 0-)

        several years ago. We didn't have any trouble with the students connecting, but the professors were terrible. Yes , we had some running DOS who didn't understand why we didn't support Mosaic. After all, if it was good enough to access their bank accounts and porn sites, why couldn't we support it?

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