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  •  The NY exchange is being handled by NY. (20+ / 0-)

    Lots of people have been able to access it. In fact, NY is reporting that most people are paying less than their previous policies. Your girlfriend was paying $184/mo a mere piece of health coverage. There are lots of places online to see what policies are available. The complaint dept is in Albany.

    •  thanks (3+ / 0-)
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      whenwego, annecros, HappyinNM

      Just thought that this site might want some real time reporting from someone who is on our side, wants this thing to work, but will not mince words when it comes to facts.

      •  Pl try the Kaiser calculator (9+ / 0-)

        and she may be eligible for the subsidies too. Once she gets through the NY site, won't surprise me if she ends up with a policy lower than $184 a month with FAR better coverage than a emergency-care only policy. Persistence is the word.

      •  Will you please do this (3+ / 0-)
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        Heavy Mettle, FiredUpInCA, aitchdee

        Go here;

        Now enter
        her age,
        her income,
        her county in NY,
        and click OK.

        Now scroll to the bottom of the page and report back $ the premium you see,
        what deductible,
        max out of pocket

        Then call that insurer about that policy.

        Otherwise quit whining.

        •  Word of caution on ValuePenguin (1+ / 0-)
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          Heavy Mettle

          it ok for checking rates in different states but one thing it is not doing is giving the lower copays and deductible in the subsidized plans if you are below the 200 % if poverty level.

          Congressional elections have consequences!

          by Cordyc on Fri Nov 01, 2013 at 08:34:51 PM PDT

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      •  People are trying to help you. I have seen (4+ / 0-)

        many suggestions posted, that will give her a clearer idea of what is available to her.  You seem to be stuck on saying "rates are going up" which is actually one of the most maddening RW talking points out there.  So yeah people on DKos are frustrated to hear it here, because we hear it all day long and we are exhausted from trying to talk people down from the ledge.

        You don't know if her rates have gone up.  All you know is that her insurer will no longer offer the policy she is currently in and they have offered her ONE plan with a much higher rate than her old plan, AND they are offering it outside of the exchange so she wouldn't receive any subsidies.  

        I've has an individual BCBS plan for 11 years and they pull the "we will no longer be offering this plan" every dam year.  Along with this notification, they also usually send a printout offering a plan that is more expensive than the cancelled one.  Their hope is that you will panic, or feel helpless and then just sign up for their expensive plan.

        I don't qualify for subsidies, so when i got my letter from BCBS this last go around, I went onto their website and picked a plan that was ACA compliant (so I get all of the patient protections) but was $4 less per month.  And guess what I found out?  The plan they had offered me in their letter, was the most expensive plan they had.  they are doing the same thing to your girlfriend, so no, rates are not going up, she is being scammed!

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