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  •  Obama doesn't rule alone... (9+ / 0-)

    Despite what the Teabaggers say, Obama is not a dictator.

    Ok, in so far as he wasn't kept in the dark, the NSA stuff is on him.

    But single payer; Please. Even the public option was DOA. How the hell was he supposed to get single payer past the likes of Baucus and Manchin??? Especially since HE NEEDED EVERY VOTE, WND THEY KNEW IT. If Obama hadn't been willing to compromise, we would have gotten... nothing.

    Guantanamo: He tried to close it, Congress passed a law to stop him. What could he do about that?

    The drones aren't sent to kill women and children. They are sent to kill murderous terrorist who are plotting to kill as many Americans as they can. Others too; see Madrid, London, Istanbul. The recent attack on the mall in Kenya. And yeah, innocent people die in war. Always have, always will. But I blame the AQ-types for forcing us to fight back. Oh, and if you are a tterrorist maybe skip the wedding and don't hang out with your wife and kids.

    As for the wars, were we supposed to pull out overnight and leave those that cooperated with us in the lurch, many of whom would face death? The wars are ending. Sorry if it isn't fast enough for you, but I think you imagine the practicalities of withdrawal to be far simpler than they are.

    As for the likes of De Blasio (who I wanted to win): either he would moderate his stances and compromise or he would't get elected POTUS, and even if he did, without compromise his administration would be a disaster.

    The hope and change thing baffles me; given that no politician keeps using the same slogans. Also with a GOP House and more than 40 intrasigent GOP senators, there's just not much hope for change.

    Lastly, the President should get credit for coming out in favor of marriage equality, before he was reelected, it should be noted.

    We on the left are supposed to be the reality based ones; denying the political facts on the ground won't help us get what we want.

     (side note: I strongly disagree  that 'most thinking people  know we need single payer; there are a bunch of countries in Europe that have other systems AND great health care)

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