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View Diary: GOP "Civil War"--S#!t Just Got Real (145 comments)

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    I'm torn on the issue of the teabaggers.  On one hand, as the proud owner of a vagina that I prefer the government have no say so over, I detest everything they stand for.  I want to see a return to moderate Republicans so we have even a small chance of meeting 60 votes in the Senate once in a while to get thru judges and other basic issues that have stalled recently.  On the other hand I sometimes wonder if the best way to solve the problem is to let them defeat themselves.  Kind of like what we saw with the Repub primaries.  Tea party won some key primaries but were too crazy to win overall.  But the few that did win Senate and House seats have been exceptionally nuts, i.e. Ted Cruz and they've shown their willing to destroy the whole system to make a point.  I'm no Mitch McConnell fan but at least he can sometimes be pushed into working with Dems, which I guess is why the Tea Party and the group Ted Cruz has been fundraising for hates him.  But does McConnell staying in the Senate help Dems or hurt us long term?  Thoughts?

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