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  •  MFP - the neighbor just to the south mowed & (23+ / 0-)

    cleaned up leaves in his front yard at 5pm - it's dark by 6.15 up here... Now, I HAVE TO do my front yard tomorrow and there are to be storms on Tuesday.  I'm getting really lazy as I get older and just want to clean up the leaves only a couple of times, not week after week!  Oh, well.

    The real FP is work.  Our IT tool procurement person told the vendor some 'white' lies (white lies, my ass, he out and out lied to the vendor) and the issues I've been having with Net Express are solely because of these 'white' lies.  It is a lie that could cost upwards of 60k.  While not my problem, I've been asked to get all of our processing off the lan and up to the mainframe before a 'real' license does expire.  So, I've mainly 3 full months to convert 7 programs and goodness only knows how much JCL, scripting, gdg bases, scheduling, and who knows what else to get done along with 'regular' work.  We have a 'work around' for the time being, but I am to focus on getting the stuff up to the mainframe.  I've told the bosses, that if I get focused and put a 'do not disturb' up, leave me alone so I can get this done.  They're fine with that.  Ugh....

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