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View Diary: Rand Paul copied 3 pages of his book from Heritage (75 comments)

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  •  Plagiarism Is Stealing (6+ / 0-)

    No matter how you slice it. And when someone practices it, as Rand Paul clearly has, that says more about his character and values than any policy position, rendering him unfit to hold public office IMHO. And that would hold even if he were a liberal Democrat.

    As a footnote, let me add a brief thought on Biden. As much as I like his candor and directness when talking publicly, I still have difficulty seeing him in any other office because his embroidery of his resumé and his evident casual plagiarism in his speeches. It gave me pause when Obama chose him to run as VP, but I let it pass considering the alternative. Enough said.

    With Paul, he'll eventually have to answer to his Kentucky constituents and I'm willing to predict we'll see more evidence of some rather shaky ethics from Paul, who obviously believes IOKIYAR.

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