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View Diary: More on Wisconsin GOP education and voucher fails (25 comments)

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  •  Reads to me more like an assault of teachers' (18+ / 0-)

    unions than on the teachers themselves. Republicans don't mind teachers, as long as they live on the charity of their students and board with families, as they did in the good old days on the frontier.

    They just don't like it when the teachers insist on being treated with respect and dignity and form a union to guarantee that treatment.

    •  It's about control (18+ / 0-)

       GOPs don't mind if teachers make bargain-basement wages and don't give any feedback about how things might be working in the classroom. But if they actually ask for wages that are near the average college graduate, or give any advice on what might improve things? Then they're being uppity and greedy. And the GOPs don't care if bashing unions devalues education as a career choice and lowers the talent pool.

          It also allows corporations and fundie PTA moms to draft the school curriculum, instead of having independent agencies and/or the common good be the ones to decide how to educate our children, and what they should teach. And as we've seen in Wisconsin and other places, the privatization model has not improved results in any way.

      •  It's about control of key groups of students too (2+ / 0-)
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        isewquilts2, JVolvo

        The Charter and Private schools don't want students falling on either end of the above Bell Curve.  The Charter and Private Schools are targeting the easily educable segments of the spectrum of our compliant and conforming kids who can be handled with formulaic 'education'. And you already know that is aimed at teaching to the test.

        This is a zero-sum game being played with our kids and teachers and it is intended to remove diversity, remove the need to teach curriculum appropriate to all sections of the Bell Curve.  

        What ever student groups are drawn out of the public pool of students leave a vacuum behind in the wake. Drawing away from public schools those students with average to above average IQs with 95 to 125 or 130, and social skills,. and an interest and ability to conform to the formula for that Charter school, causes an exodus. It leaves a gap behind concentrating more 'problem kids' in the remaining public classrooms.  

        The remaining public classrooms need to modify their approach and materials to meet the learning needs of the remaining and more concentrated groups of slower learners or learners with physical or emotional challenges.  

        Tje charter/private schools won't be pursuing educating the non-mainstream slow learners on the low end of the intelligence scale.  Too much trouble to rescale education plans tailored to the indivdual and individualized attention would be required daily. Factory methods don't work.

        The charter/private school administration also finds dealing with the gifted & talented (upper 5% or 2% of student body, depending on State DPI interpetations) cost them time and accountabiity they don't want.  (If they don't just try to turn them into junior teacher/tutors and use them as free labor.) Federal law on this is clear.  

        The identification of Gifted & Talented kids should trigger the school system staff proffessionals to meet, review and prepare an IEP (Individual Education Plan) The IEP is created by a cross-discipline staff with expertise in what these extremely bright kids should be receiving as a challenge commensurate with abilities. The gifted kid can stay in the classroom if the teacher provides suitable enrichment materials that challenge him or her, and it helps to have district, region and state resources to draw upon for teachers to succeed in meeting these EENs.  The goals of IDEA to try and integrate special need kids in regular classrooms, to keep social maturity and development normal, and build the expectation that the less able are equal participants in having access to an appropriate education. And we can accept them with their difference.

        So we can predict that most of the average to above average students eventually become drawn towards the Charter/Private schools, making these schools more homogenous and less diverse. This leaves the public schools with the job of handling every student entitled to IEP commensurate with their EENs, behaviorial issues, etc. and requiring teams of specialty staff assigned to make it work.

        Let's say the non-IEP kids cost $8,000/year to educate. Kids with EENs and IEP may add $5,000 or $10,000 costs, perhaps even more. So now the per-student costs, averaged across those attending the public school tend to rapidly skew upwards far higher than average costs for the Charter and Private schools who are just stating by fine. And it's likely the can show a 'decrease' in average costs thanks to grabbing the 'plum' segments of the student population. And the bean counters will celebrate how cost effective Charter schools are while the public schools inexplicably have per pupil costs rising far faster than inflation.

        With the ability to switch school districts in Wisconsin (to better nearby schools), and the flow of dollars being transferred at 'average' costs, out of district students transferring in with special needs will also shift greater costs and stresses onto the local district than they get offsetting 'vouchers'.

        It won't be hard to see how this will go. Specialty regional schools may be proposed to deal with the kids on either end of the bell curve will be promoted as the 'reform' needed to privatize their education too, and they'll make sure to seek and get the necessary resources and facilities, and get to cut the redtape current districts face trying to make special education work and meet district, audit, and state reporting requirements.

        The loss of public accountability, transparency, and ability to truly measure meeting Dept. of Education/Instruction goals will be taken away from average citizens. The governor will want to appoint his team of experts to manage all that.

        When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

        by antirove on Sun Nov 03, 2013 at 10:53:13 PM PST

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