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  •  Outside Of Max Cleland...... (3+ / 0-)
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    ....the performances of Southern Dems in 2002 Congressional races were not out of line of recent historical averages, and in terms of gubernatorial races (Brad Henry, Phil Bredesen) did a little better than recent historical averages..  Mark Pryor handily defeated an incumbent in Arkansas.  Bob Clement held onto the Yellow Dog Democrat coalition against Lamar Alexander in Tennessee.  Elizabeth Dole and Lindsey Graham won open seat races with margins that were entirely consistent with other Republican wins of the time in the Carolinas.  And while Cornyn beat Ron Kirk by far more than the polls indicated in Texas, Kirk nonetheless got closer than any Democratic Senate candidate in Texas since.  With the exception of NC, the political environments in these Southern states have been much, much worse during the Obama era than they were in 2002.  I'm sure Pryor and Landrieu specifically would be dancing on the tables if the 2014 political environment was no worse for southern Democrats than 2002.

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