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View Diary: Ebay Removes Holocaust "Memorabilia". Yet, They Still Sell Items From Black Slavery in America. Why? (16 comments)

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  •  I'm only casually familiar with this sort of thing (0+ / 0-)

    but IME, most or all of these sort of cases (I recall several Native American situations -- medicine bags, scalps) take place when someone sees the stuff on ebay, sends email/petitions/etc, and then ebay responds.

    In other words, ebay doesn't take any action until (specific) items being sold are brought to their attention. I strongly suspect ebay-the-corporation' doesn't do all that much product-appropriateness scanning prior to auction placements, both for logistical & legal-liability reasons. For all that they talk about a 'strict vetting process', it's pretty clear to anyone who's even vaguely paid attention to this sort of situation that they miss plenty of stuff (after all, if somehow 'concentration camp clothing/toothbrush' missed being picked up...).

    Now, I have no idea whether there have been situations where ebay refuses to remove such items. Might be worth looking into, as well as what sort of 'these things are not appropriate for sale on ebay and will be removed' rules exist (I wouldn't be surprised if there are some that are very precise -- no human artifacts like scalps, for example -- and others, not so much). Also might be interesting to look at 'inappropriate product' reports vs. (what I'll call) 'inappropriate product auctions' -- could be that there are more people scanning ebay for native american/holocaust/nazi 'memorabilia' in order to take these items off the market than there are people doing the same for other categories of human awfulness.

    But I strongly suspect that this situation is parallel to the 'why isn't anyone blogging about this thing I want to see blogged about?' perennial -- where the answer is always 'because no one (or not enough people) who think it's important are doing the blogging.' And as always, could simply be that the newspaper thought this incident was worth writing about ($$ amount involved helps, of course), while other, similar incidents don't make the cut.

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