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  •  Administration was upfront - 2009 NYT article (1+ / 0-)
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    I also wrote on the Comments section the WP which is really a waste of time because the WP Comments sections  is filled with such hate and very little facts that I'm not sure anyone really reads them. I have a long history with different types of health insurance and a brief history without health insurnace. When my son was in high school I was working as a IT contractor. I purchased health insurance through Mega Health and Life insurance based out of Texas. I live in Jenkintown PA. I had access to my family doctor up the street and any hospital. I was happy - I paid $300 a month for the insurance for my son and myself. Then my son broke his leg playing high school football and I went from happy to horror. My son needed 1 week of hospital care, and two surgeries. Abington Hospital contacted me that my insurance company would only pay a small portion of my son's hospital bill; they also did not consider Megal Health real insurance. The billing lady though helped me - she told me that under PA law, our high school had to carry an accident policy rider for football. That insurance policy paid the hospital and prevented me from going into bankruptcy.
    In 2009 the NYT had an article about a man who had $800,000 hospital bill even though he had health insurace. The man filed bankruptcy. He was an IT consultant who contracted through TekSystems and was offered a mini-medical policy. This example and others was talked about often by the President and anyone who would listen. The WP reporters did not tell us about the hospitalization coverage for the people crying about their insurance. I would rather drive 100 miles to see a doctor than pay $800,000 for a hospital bill.
    We no longer have a press that tells facts - the WP is a perfect example. All anyone has to do is look up that article in the NYT - it tells you all you need to know about the consumer fraud that is now going to be eliminated. Jan 1st is great day even for the Tea Party and the WP - they are just are too busy lying and screaming to tell you so.

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