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View Diary: In a Free Market, Insurers are 'free to' Walk Away (14 comments)

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  •  Look, it's simple, the "policies" were a SCAM (2+ / 0-)
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    greengemini, jamess

    They were FRAUD, THEFT, a RIPOFF.

    These people were getting screwed, and now the ACA defines what is the MINIMUM requirement to "be" healthcare insurance.

    A minimum these companies and policies do NOT meet.

    Further proof they were a ripoff, if the companies involved actually wanted to be in the insurance business... legit... they would just alter the plans to meet the minimum.

    The fact they DON'T and instead cancel and walk away tells you 100% that they were a scam, and those companies had no interest in actually being in the insurance business. They were in the Steal Your Money business.... as most Republicans are.

    The fact that the Obama admin hasn't made this point CRYSTAL CLEAR is the actual fuckup, not the website rollout problems.

    The MSM is just barely starting to come around on the reality, though they are afraid of getting sued, so they don't just call the duck a friggin duck. It's a DUCK.

    Fraud, theft, scam, ripoff ... you people were SUCKERS getting screwed, and we are here (FINALLY) to save you from your own idiot self. ... YOUR WELCOME.

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