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View Diary: How "ObamaCare Cancelled Your Plan" is really an Insurance Co Scam to Rip You Off (131 comments)

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    and counter this Obama lied to me theme.  This is mostly about insurance company manipulation. There are cases where some folks might have to pay more out of pocket.  We don't really know what that number is but it is likely a fraction or percentage of the individual market.  The stories I've seen in the press are either with people who did not know they had cheaper/better options or people who had unique characteristics (people who work in one state and live in another (making apples to apples comparison of costs difficult) and people who are almost at medicare age.  That there may be gaps in a bill this comprehensive is not unusual. Frankly, these gaps seem to represent a very small portion of the overall consumer market.

    We do need to push scrutiny upon the insurance companies, because they will stop at nothing to manipulate the situation.  It is a little difficult for the WH to do this because the ACA depends on some level of cooperation, but I think the Senate should hold hearings and hold their feet to the fire.

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