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View Diary: Former House Speaker Jim Wright latest to run afoul of Texas 'voter ID' law (44 comments)

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    Face it. They've won the argument that we somehow "need" to combat voter fraud. The proof is in the pudding. These laws are being enacted. No one is complaining enough to stop them. I know that's a simplistic assessment, but no matter how you approach it, that's the truth.

    Their argument has (publicly) been about fairness. It's not fair that people get to vote that shouldn't. It's reasonable to try and stop unfairness. They've duped a large number of people with that argument.

    Now we have the fairness argument too. Instead of merely complaining that Voter ID is a, 'solution in search of a problem,' we need to pivot towards an, ' effective solution that actually works.' In a word...


    Vote-By-Mail was enacted 15 years ago in Oregon. It's been used in every election there for over a decade.

    Repeat after me, "Oregon solved the fraud issue without stopping Grandma from voting. Unlike [State], it's a solution that actually works."

    Voter ID is disaster. So let's use it to push for enacting true reform.

    •  fear around every corner...fear of losing... (0+ / 0-)

      fear of "those people"...

      •  fear of it happening to you... (1+ / 0-)
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        ...fear of having your own vote not counted... fear of your documents being the ones not in order... fear of your own voice being denied...

        If it can happen to a Republican candidate for Governor of Texas, then maybe you're next. Maybe the voter ID law won't stop "them" from voting. That Battleground Texas group, what are they up to anyway?

        Just to be safe, it's probably better to try something else instead. This whole voter ID thing doesn't seem to be working out.


        At the very least, it makes for fun trolling.

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