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    CenPhx, Ahianne

    I think an issue with some folks is that of the "deductible," which goes something like this-- Even if I buy plan X, Y, or Z, I still have to come up with four or five grand a year myself before the insurance kicks in and I and my family are completely covered.  That's true.    However, the idea that your old policy protected you from this circumstance is probably completely erroneous.  Have you actually read the fine print in your current policy?  Many of these so-called health insurance policies which private individuals or groups have purchased for ridiculously low premiums offer essentially zero protection for anything other than a cold or a few stitches for a wounded finger.  Need a hospital stay of three or four days?  You might end up bankrupt, I kid you not.  My son's appendectomy cost $17,000, that's surgery and two days in the hospital.  If I would have had a "junk" policy, like many people apparently have, I would have had to foot that entire bill.  Need treatment for a progressive disease, forget about it; you'll be financially ruined.  Make sure when you compare your current "affordable" policy with an ACA policy, you are actually examining the fine print.  Yes, the ACA policy, in a worst case scenario, could cost you four or five grand out of pocket a year.  Your current "affordable" policy, worst case scenario, will make you and your family absolutely destitute.  Maybe you've been lucky for the last couple of years, but if you have a family or yourself and spouse are getting into your fifties, I can guarantee you your luck won't hold. The ACA is designed, partly, to make sure you're not one of those people who ends up saying, "But I thought my insurance ..."  There are tens of thousands of those people, those families every year.  Under the ACA there won't any, not a single one, because every person and family will be protected by the deductible, which, when reached, means no more out-of-pocket expenses.  Won't that be a wonderful day, when no person or family loses a home or a car or a way of life because somebody got pneumonia and had to go into the hospital for a week.  

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