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    I often wonder how and why my paternal grandparents met and married. Grandpapa was a bellicose man with a big frame and ham hands and a voice to match. His wife was a sturdy woman but said little. Yet, for all his brash manner, to a one we respected (read: feared) Grandmama Veda far more.

    A stark and memorably troubling moment in my childhood came at a visit to their home when, at the breakfast table, I was teasing my sister that she had ginormous feet (she didn't) and Grandmama set a plate in front of me and gave me that hard gaze. That would have been enough to shut me up but she wanted to drive home a point, I suppose.

    She called me her pet name for Grandpapa with the same sneer and in the same derisive voice that I'd only heard her use for him when he was on an abrasive tear.

    "Pratmakare", she said.

    It means gasbag in colloquial usage. Ouch.

    I haven't been around much and I do miss all of you. I've been battling depression and stress but I'm learning to handle it a bit better. Our circumstances have not improved much but with help from friends and family we're able to keep our home for the time being and keep the lights on and an Internet connection. I have, for the first time in months, a face-to-face interview with a prospective employer early next week. It is a menial job but it is a job, potentially. I also have a phone interview with a prospective employer in Alaska. I'm not at all sure how that would work logistically but I won't discount any opportunity at the moment.

    Please pardon the short rant -- to all employers please have the courtesy to inform applicants of their status. Whether they are or are not being considered for the position they deserve to know. I recently applied for a position at a regional bank as a database administrator. I met the CTO and CIO for an interview and was given a clear impression that I'd be called back soon for another round. Considerable time passed with no feedback so I wrote a pleasant thank you note hoping to spur some sort of response. None came. Weeks passed again so I wrote a polite status inquiry. Same result, not a single word. During all of that time I was (and remain) very stressed over the situation. By now I know I'm no longer being considered for the position (an assumption but reasonable one, I still haven't received one single word from them) but I find myself angry and resentful that they didn't have the courage or even common courtesy to respond. I could have been far more ahead than I am today if they had told me -- I can handle rejection but I cannot understand the silent treatment. It gives rise to false hope then paranoia and finally seething anger. I haven't phoned or written to the bank to burn that particular bridge -- yet. I probably won't, now that I've written this to you folks here to let off a little steam. Maybe.

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