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  •  When the crew was done, they moved on (2+ / 0-)
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    RiveroftheWest, Polly Syllabic

    I haven't seen such acclimated eagles since.

    Saw an Eagle

    There are many who don't understand the way it makes me feel
    To look upon the mountaintop and answer its appeal
    And though I keep my feet down just to earn my daily bread
    Sometimes what I see can lift me up instead

        I saw an eagle fly today
        Its head and tail were flashing white
        As if it carried its own light
        Against the clear blue sky-- I saw an eagle fly

    There are those who think that patriots are of a bygone age
    That modern life is much too fast and history's turned a page
    But to those scoffers I must say, just take a moment, please
    Go climb as high as you can go, and see what you can see

    [Chorus]         (c) 1999 (lyrics) and (c)2000 (melody)  

    And yes, a recording under my name is at the Library of Congress... did y'all know that you don't have to pay per song; I use the "collection" option and send in a bunch on the same paperwork.

    Courtesy is owed. Respect is earned. Love is given. (Unknown author, found in Guide to Texas Etiquette by Kinky Friedman)

    by marykmusic on Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 08:54:24 AM PST

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