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    Also, Summers claims to have seen the dead raised "literally" through miracles in Vallejo. The audio came from a "Canopy of Prayer" call that Silvoso organizes and was used within that video. He also says about the prayer canopy:

    ...We need to have favor with the people and when we have favor with the people, now the Lord is able to add daily to the church those that were to be saved.  

    That's why in California this year we are launching a canopy of prayer. It's already launched.  It's going to be anchored in every political precinct, that's 35,000 political precincts.  We anticipate to have each precinct occupied by Christians that will do Luke 10 - they will bless the lost, fellowship with them, minister to them... Then 40 days before the election, we are launching an Isaiah 58  fast.  Clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, giving roof to the homeless, taking care.  We will obtain favor with the people!  And when you have favor with the people, I'm praying for God to give us one million souls saved by the end of the year - by combining prayer with social action.  

    The claim that Summers advocates for a Christian Noah's Ark theme park on public lands is documented in Bruce Wilson's article here:

    A Noah's Ark Theme Park For SF Bay Area ? Yes, Says Dem. Party & AFL/CIO-Endorsed Vallejo Candidate

    by Troutfishing
    24 Comments / 18 New on Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 09:46 AM PST with 26 Recommends

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