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View Diary: Cuccinelli ends campaign rallying with Ron Paul, who calls for 'nullification' (86 comments)

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  •  interesting how Paul doesn't mention (1+ / 0-)
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    that nullification was something that Washington abhorred.

    I do love his line in a letter to Patrick Henry about this very issue "...when this party hangs upon the wheels of government as a dead weight, opposing every measure..."

    "Labor was the first price, the original purchase - money that was paid for all things" -- Adam Smith

    by HugoDog on Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 11:09:14 AM PST

    •  Andrew Jackson was also not amused by SC (1+ / 0-)
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      Stude Dude

      nullification threats. Of course, Jackson is also one of three presidents I think could/should have been impeached and removed from office. The other 2 being Andrew Johnson and a20th Century Republican. f course theer's also Ronnie Raygun, but that wasn't any more realistic then the absurd Clinton impeachment.

      •  Nixon would have been removed if not for his (0+ / 0-)

        resignation. Jackson is the only president to be censured by the house- his party later expunged the censure. a censure basically is a formal reprimand put into the congressional record. its a slap on the wrist basically, a ' not cool, Mr president" if you will. no one ever attempted to remove  a president until Andrew Johnson, who probably deserved censure for being a hard ass, but congress overreached by trying to remove him fir violating the Tenure of office act. that was basically a poison pill to protect Stanton who was a supporter of the republicans in congress and a holdover from Lincoln.

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