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View Diary: Republicans even stupider than imagined, disenfranchise own voters (143 comments)

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  •  An added hurdle for the very elderly (0+ / 0-)

    Not mentioned here, in at least PA, and I'm assuming a lot of other states to, it's VERY hard to renew your driver's license when you hit a certain age.

    In PA that age is 90. You can't just walk in to the DMV to get it renewed, you need to get things like an eye exam, a physical from a doctor to verify that you're still able to drive safely, and more in other states I'm sure.

    I know this from my own 92 year old grandfather who used to still drive at 90 (he's in great shape for his age). Once he moved into an elder care facility he stopped driving though, I'm sure if he had to renew his license again he wouldn't bother, as he doesn't even have a car anymore.

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