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View Diary: eBooks: What They Think We Think - Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading (109 comments)

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  •  People use language like "purchase a digital copy" (5+ / 0-)

    etc., which just doesn't apply to e-books. You purchase a license to an ebook, just like you do for a copy of Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. The same rules apply: The creator of the license decides what rights you have, such as resale or moving it from device to device.

    About the only way to guarantee you could sell your ebooks (legally) would be if a state made it completely free and completely trivial to incorporate a company online. Then you could create a company, have it buy an ebook, and then sell the company for $5 when you are done with the book. That way the book technically never changes hands.

    •  I wrote a diary about this back in May: (4+ / 0-)

      e-books: who owns my digital library? There have been rumors about Amazon making it possible for its members to re-sell ebooks, but I'm not holding my breath. Too many parties with financial interests are involved; booksellers, publishers, writers.

      But the problems that the independents are having aren't with the resale or re-licensing of ebooks, but with the ease with which people can now buy and sell used physical books via the Amazon Marketplace. There is such an increase in the used book market that it is cutting into their already thin margin.

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