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    VA gentlewoman, jessme

    Why, elect more and better Democrats, of course! or learn to negotiate better from positions of weakness! or since the way the structure is set up, just die, hopefully in some dark corner where it won't inconvenience the Rulers as they flit from one 50,000 sq ft home to another...

    Too bad so many of us think that electing better "representatives" will make any kind of difference. Might have been the case several decades ago, but decent people are no good at organizing and acting to protect their lives and families and planet against the onslaught of predators and parasites and cancer cells that are consuming where we live and how we live. (Note that cancer cells are pretty good at suckering the rest of the body into either ignoring their presence or actively helping the tumors grow and eat or convert more and more of the healthy tissues, via stuff like angiogenesis...

    As with so many cancer therapies, the trick is to deter and defeat the cancer without killing the patient. The Kochs and Murdoch and the like are our tumors; they are very adept at tricking the rest of us into growing new pipelines to feed their insatiable need to GROW, GROW, GROW, and their people are very adept at hiding from (after compromising and weakening and largely defeating and "turning" it) the immune system, the "rule of law" and regulatory and police functions that ought to zap, engulf and return the components to healthier function.

    "We" mopes who are as aphids (which also tend to weaken or kill their host plant(e)s by draining off the life juices) to the army ants that skim our "nectar" seem to be as oblivious to the trickery and tranquilizing drugs and violence and domination that the big ol' ants use to "milk" us, to eat us when we get "useless" or they get hungry, and keep us in line...

    In the meantime, how about the successful selling of the bullshit about how Social Security is part of the "deficit," and how "young people" need to be killong off the "senior takers," young people who the Reds have suckered so many into believing that "old folks are their enemies" so that those otherwise sharp young people fail to see who is really stealing all the wealth and their futures: The tiny ascendant fraction of young and older people who have mastered the arts of accumulation. Of everything that "matters." And have buried the inarguable truth that but for the bastards in suits who clean off all but crumbs from the public plate and then trick us into fighting each other over the crumbs, there is more than enough to go around (if we can escape becoming pigs ourselves...)

    "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

    by jm214 on Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 08:52:29 AM PST

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