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  •  Really great diary, wtbrowning (2+ / 0-)
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    greengemini, cactusgal

    Detailed and informative. The part about the $1.70 multiplying effect for every $1 invested in SNAP is remarkable and it lines up with my experience. Even before the Food Stamp cuts went fully into effect, many SNAP recipients started pulling back on purchases in my locality, and local businesses are feeling the hit. This in consequence is cutting jobs and wages in an already depressed economy. (The headline unemployment number is basically useless since so many people have dropped out of the workforce or become discouraged, wouldn't be surprised if the real number is closer to 15 or even 20% if the old Depression-era calculations had been used.) Makes me madder every day at the GOP scum and their DLC enablers who've pushed for this. Along with the TPP idiocy and the neverending budget battles, I wouldn't be surprised if this all but trashes our economy for the 4th quarter and 1st quarter of next year and sends us on (or over) the brink of recession. Cutting SNAP isn't just heartless, it's terrible for business and jobs.

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      While I am totally committed to helping the poor - the frame here is about economic development, national security, and academic performance.  We need to reframe this issue that it's a systemic policy that helps all of us.

      It's the sad irony that we are trying to save costs but are really driving up long term costs.

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