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  •  YES! No way Cuccinelli shd be this close (1+ / 0-)
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    p gorden lippy

    That is truly scary that the state that is the home of most of the people who work in the Capital of our nation would vote for such a reprehensibly self-interested and self-promoting politician. I know. You are waiting for me to tell you how I really feel about the guy who wants to dictate how I act in my own home.

    Others like him come to mind now: Rand Paul (who made up a phony opthamologist certification organization so he could say he was a certified opthamologist), Jim Imhofe (who just says whatever crazy uninformed slop that comes to mind at the moment), T. Cruz (whose entire name I won't type here because it will make him too excited to see another Google mention and he could have a heart attack. I want him to be at the TOP of the Republican Party ticket), a fluffy topping of whipped cream containing Joe Barton and Steve King, with the cherry of Louis Gohmert on top. I forgot a bunch. Will get around to that later, eh?

    Please send suggestions for the most self-centered politicians in Washington, with the reason you are nominating this person, and with references to substantiate those reasons from the mainsteam and high quality independent media sources.

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