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  •  Budget pranks/sabotage too tempting for TPs (0+ / 0-)

    politics is all about short attention spans
    I agree.
    The periodic showdowns/shutdowns will be 'newsworthy'. If the exchange site becomes reliable, teathugs will lose the their 'Defund ACA' smokescreen for the teathugs' next shutdown.
    But I already see that general public has become inured to conservative pranks and dirty tricks. So, public may increasingly give teathugs a break for the budget shenanigans.
    The public's psychological condition reminds me the psychology of a city infested with hooligans in those Hollywood 'urban collapse' movies. The only resistance is cynical gripes after an incident.

    ♥ Repeal the Capital Gains, Carried Interest & Dividends Entitlements bequeathed to 'more special' taxpayers.

    by in on Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 01:00:13 AM PST

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