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    Democrat: Mark Davitt -- former state rep who lost to that wonderful font of teaparty wisdom Kent Sorenson.
    The Iowa Senate seat encompasses most of Warren and all of Madison County("Bridges of..."), both south (and west) Des Moines. Voter breakdown: 1/3 each Dem/GOP/Indy. GOP holds about 2k lead over Dem in registration.  
    The current Democratic party lead in the Iowa Senate is 3 (36-23 after Sorenson's exit). The House is safely in GOP hands, and will probably be so after next fall's election.  If Garrett wins, it will return the Senate roster to the same 26-24 breakdown that existed when Sorenson held office.  With only a seat or two to gain, the state's condition could easily move into a 'Wisconsin situation' after next fall.  Garrett, as far as I can tell, is a go-along-keep-your-head-down type of GOP candidate AND legislator. He's my state rep and his seat will have to be filled with ANOTHER special election ($$$) if he beats Davitt.

    Owing to the quickly-established short campaign window, Davitt(so far as I've noticed) has no actual website. Enquiries (help, please) may have better impact if sent to the candidate, Mark Davitt, or toWarren County(IA) Democrats, Madison County(IA) Democrats.
    Davitt is committed to returning integrity to the office and making job-creation the highest priorities if elected.  At least he won't be taking under-the-table money from Michelle Bachman(which Sorenson did) and Ron Paul(which Sorenson did).

    It's about time I got off my lazy butt and do something...

    by NoStampTax on Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 08:24:09 AM PST

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