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  •  You can't make that statement until you come (0+ / 0-)

    with specific information on emissions characterization on the amount of emissions per unit of production for each meat production system in each of the United States and Canada.

    For example, enteric methane emission determination depends on the efficiency of production....the number of days that it takes to raise livestock to a production weight.   In order to have a valid basis for comparison, you have to have a review of each animal agriculture production system in both counties to determine the amount of CO2e emission equivalents per unit of produced live weight.

    However, you are unlikely to ever make or consider this type of emission comparison because you are ideologically tied to using only the 2006 UN long shadow report which as your fundamental source which does not break out agriculture production systems by country and type.

    •  You also need to consider the long term (0+ / 0-)

      environmental and health impacts of the feed stock, antibiotics, hormones and waste product management that are required to increase meat production rates to the levels found in the US.

      American and Canadian food production use a tremendous amount of hydrocarbons in their production. Much, much greater that developing countries. Currently, China is just beginning to change from small hog production methods to the larger factory production that is typical of Western countries. The Smithfield operation will be the largest Chinese owned operation.

      You need to take into consideration how we ended up where we now are. The developed countries are solely responsible for the current high emission baseline so they must also take financial responsibility to ameliorate it. Americans are still excessive consumers of products that contribute to greenhouse emissions. There is a direct correlation between the two.

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