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  •  My son who works at a college and before that was (4+ / 0-)

    a student talks about how difficult it can be for college students to find the time to vote, particularly those fulltime student athletes who have class and practice, band members who have class then band practice, and those like him who were fulltime students with a part time job. It was class then work then bed for him many nights.

    I really wish Election Day were a holiday. It would make it easier for college students to find the time to vote, particularly working college students and student athletes.  

    And the GOP is doing their best to get those polling places off the college campuses and many students are not able to get a ride to the polls or the buses do not easily go the polling place.

    I have several friends who were single mothers who had a very hard time getting to the polls Election Day. They had a full day of work and then kids must be picked up at the daycare center at a certain deadline and then kids are hungry and then the polls are closed. I would volunteer to babysit or pick up thekids so she could vote.

    We need to really help college students and single mothers find the time and a ride to the polls and offer to help get people to the polls.

    I have a friend who is a senior and no one offered him a ride to the polls this time around. And i live too far away to give him a ride. So I am encouraging him to vote absentee from now on since he has no transportation , and serious health problems.

    I live in  a state with No early voting and excuse only absentee ballot requests.

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    by wishingwell on Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 01:36:08 PM PST

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