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View Diary: My foster child was publicly shamed by a teacher today-Updated (69 comments)

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  •  Lots of them... (21+ / 0-)

    I used to Substitute teach in Daly City, CA.

    Left wing progressive area...

    Teachers would ALWAYS take me aside at every school I went to, and say "Jamal there is trouble."

    I'd look at a sea of white, asian, hispanic, and one black kid and think... "gee, I wonder which one of these is Jamal?"

    That kid would get it from all directions from them.

    If there was no black, then they'd be more equal about it... picking someone else at random - but there was always at least one kid picked in every class. The administration would get in on it too most of the time - and if I'd mention in the break room something like "Oh, I have Johnson's class" you can be sure every teacher and a few staffers would pipe in with "Oh... Jamal must be giving you a hard time."

    The added problem was that "Jamal" was almost never a problem kid...

    He was rarely different from any of the others. If he was, it was usually for a good reason: bored with a slow subject, too many friends, or whatever.

    But they'd hyper focus on his mistakes.

    My newphew is now in high school over in Concord, California - other side of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    He's been getting absolutely furious with his teachers. He's latino, with a typical teenage boy's love of rap music that has caused him to get really interested in African culture and to make a lot of friends with African American kids.

    In the past he's been in places where his own roots gave him a lot of trouble. Now he's in a school where he sees teacher single out black kids and punish them all the time, for nothing. He's gone as far as intentionally misbehaving in class to see if they would punish him, and then having a friend merely raise their hand to ask a question, and get sent to the office...
    - We really don't know what to tell him to do... He knows from past experience that if he complains, they will put him on the target list...

    This kind of thing is pretty typical, sadly.

    Fight back, but if it looks like you get resistance beyond the level of that one teacher - see if there's another school to put her in. Once they brand a kid as bad, they will not let go of the notion, and they will instill it into as many of the other kids as they can.

    School administrations are often much worse bullies than any punk on a playground or Facebook could even dream of being.

    The roaches always win if you turn out the lights.

    by Jyotai on Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 04:38:01 PM PST

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