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View Diary: My foster child was publicly shamed by a teacher today-Updated (69 comments)

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  •  This is a teacher who held up a struggling (1+ / 0-)
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    student to public ridicule. I think it would be different if the teacher had at least done her insulting and name-calling in private.

    Now it appears she has successfully managed to get at least one student to join her in ganging up on the diarist's daughter.

    The teacher knows this child needs extra support because of her challenging situation and possible, although yet to be officially documented, disability and yet rather than being supportive and helpful she decided to be harsh and punitive.

    I think there is a good chance it would not be helpful to talk to her before talking to the principal because she does not seem to have the child's best interests at heart.

    Also, one of the main reasons for talking to the principal is to get the child's 504 plan in place so that she can start getting the modifications and accommodations she  needs to be successful. It is not about retribution and escalating.

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