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  •  I've been wondering why no one has discussed this (9+ / 0-)

    The difference between the projected margin (~7) and the actual margin (~3) was probably the number of people who showed up to the polls and found they couldn't vote. I have only anecdotal info from one northern Virginia poll worker, but the numbers are about right.

    They redistricted, the purged and they cheated. They still lost. Demand some coverage.

    •  Side benefit of the recount? (10+ / 0-)

         This is something that should be part of the A-G recount- seeing how many people had to file provisional ballots, and look into other possible voter suppression effects. I'd take this to the wall if I'm a Dem, and solidify in people's minds how much GOPs try to rig the system.

          I put nothing past ReThugs, and wouldn't doubt that this was part of the equation, along with some sketchy vote counting numbers. I've always theorized that this was part of the reason Rove insisted Ohio wasn't lost for the GOPs on Election Night, because he felt that they could flip enough votes to steal it.


      •  Absolutely correct (7+ / 0-)

        When Ohio gave Bush a second term, the votes were counted in (a basement in) Kentucky?

        And when the guy in charge of counting them was called to Congress to testify, his plane mysteriously crashed?

        I absolutely agree with you. But didn't "Anonymous" hack a hack somewhere on election day 2008 to prevent another steal?

        I am not wearing a tinfoil hat. I have just lived through a lot of elections. The (Koch-like) money that is involved in buying these elections isn't all devoted to TeeVee ads!

        It's a miracle Obama took 2 terms. It's easier for them to steal local elections than nationals, too.

        This country is NOT center right. Yes there are a lot of (mostly brainwashed) wingers, but on the average we are progressive, intelligent and charitable. But a big sliver of us find out they can't vote.

    •  Totally Agree (2+ / 0-)

      They definitely used every tool they could find and some they invented, and they still lost.  

      But it just grinds my cookies that the so-called left-wing media haven't forgiven Obama for the case DOJ brought again James Risen.  They're taking their passive-aggressive revenge the only way they can:  they write stories that are highly critical of Obama on any and all topics.  I bet if we checked we'd find that negatives stories trended sharply up after Risen's legal team had to take his case to the Supreme Court.  The group anger was palpable from that point, and it hasn't let up since.  

      That anger extends beyond Obama and touches other Democratic candidates, and that makes the media dangerous with respect to Democrats' chances of taking back the House in 2014.  We need to start banging the drum on the issue.  We should surpass the Republicans' example; let's turn it back on them.  Let's all become critical of the conservative media; let's pound that narrative until the public has absorbed through every pore.  

      Let's finally turn the Republican's dirty tricks back on them.  Damn it.  Let's take our country back and fix it.  It's been hostage to Republican obstructionism for far too long.

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