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View Diary: So are the ACA "Subsidies" or are they LOANS!?! (166 comments)

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    I'm thinking it's strange the policies are different. I'm glad subsidized folks don't have to pay it back.

    Maybe it's a stingy thing. "heck at least these folks contribute something" vs not.

    Yet, many Medicaid people pay for it. I have Medicaid and depending on my income or if I can work at all (am disabled) I pay between $9 and $67 per month for the 20% Medicaid covers (Medicare, which I pay $109 for, covers the other 80%). So as you/anyone can see the "takers" actually pay, sometimes as much as the discounted people on the exchange it seems.

    My single person coverage costs say $150 while you are saying coverage for a couple is $200.

    I bet loads of people don't know you pay for Medicare. I pay it sounds like about the same amount as someone making more who pays the subsidized amount via the ACA exchange, at least by this example. I pay >10% of my income for health insurance.

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