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View Diary: Dolphins players defend Incognito over Martin (70 comments)

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  •  Why do we always suppose that people who (3+ / 0-)
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    disagree with what we think have been "ordered" to think that way?  Isn't it possible these players, black and white, veteran and young players, simply believe Incognito wasn't harassing Martin in the same way we do?  Isn't it possible that this type of thing occurs throughout the NFL?  That's it's a institutionalized culture we simply didn't realize existed?  If a player breaks with the rest, does that make his statement more accurate.  I would argue if a player wanted to support Martin, now would be the time.  he would be embraced by the media and society as a hero.  Now would be the easiest time.  But no one has.  That tells me something.  I've heard players say these two were very close.  Basically best friends.  That they are very confused.  Isn't it possible everyone is speaking the truth?  I simply believe there is a culture in the NFL that is far different from what we deem acceptable.  we are now simply learning about it.  We can call for the firing of everyone involved, but nothing will change.  what needs to be done is to understand how a culture like this can exist.  How something like this can go on for years and no one says a thing.  Possibly, if we could understand how this occurs at the highest levels of sports, we could put into place practices that would stop it from occurring at a grade school or high school level. That is the only way to truly stop this type of culture from becoming embedded.  To make it unacceptable a beginning levels so players/coaches won't accept it later in life.  

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