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    If you look at the entirety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, it's extremely CO2 producing and very polluting and dangerous.  You have to mine the uranium and that is a huge undertaking with massive mines that pollute surrounding communities.  They use those MASSIVE trucks that a tire is the size of a house.  Tons of CO2 is put into the atmosphere from uranium mining.  Then you have to crush the uranium into tailings which produces more CO2, and the tailings can be spread by the wind to pollute surrounding areas.  Then you come probably the most dangerous process in the fuel cycle...Uranium Enrichment.  In Kentucky they use 2 HUGE coal fire power plants to enrich the uranium.  They also use CFC gas..which is illegal due to the Montreal Protocol but the nuclear industry was grandfathered in so they can still use it and hurt the ozone layer.  I could go on...but this is only the beginning.  You have to construct the power plant..then after 30-40 years...take it apart with robots because it's so radioactive..then store the waste and plant parts for 10's of thousands of years.  There's more, but i just want to point out that nuclear energy does produce CO2 and is not clean energy at all.  You have to look at the entire nuclear fuel cycle.  Not just the part where they boil water by splitting atoms....which is like cutting a pound of butter with a chainsaw.

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