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  •  The industry does move (0+ / 0-)

    absurdly slowly.  With everything.  Too much quality assurance :)  The movie missed the biggest impediment to new nuclear bids because it's come to light too recently.  It's not fears of another meltdown.  It's not liability, or even private funding.  It's fracking.  Gas is too cheap and too easy to build right now.  Without a carbon tax, it'll remain so for a while.  Incidentally, those vaunted renewables have so far been natural gas's best friend.  You need a lot of spare capacity to compensate for intermittency.  In North America anyway, I'm not familiar enough with the German situation to decide between what BigMike and translatorpro are saying.

    Y'know, Three Mile Island only cost $77million in total payouts (not counting the power production loss) despite being a severe core damage accident.  Not gonna look up inflation tables but $350M doesn't seem to low unless you get a large release like Chernobyl or Fukushima.

    First they came for the slippery-slope fallacists, and I said nothing. The End.

    by Cream Puff on Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 09:28:59 PM PST

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