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View Diary: Establishment Republicans think they've figured out how to stop GOP from nominating crazy people (100 comments)

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  •  At least in the House, they could simply stop (1+ / 0-)
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    trying to gerrymander so badly.  You've got two likely choices, and one hard to define sweet spot.  You gerrymander to make yourself 'safe' from the left, and you're making yourself imperiled from the right.  Ditto in the opposite direction.  Somewhere there's that magical 'sweet spot' where you most properly align yourself to be 'safest' from both right and left, but it's still going to be 'less safe' in either a primary or a general.  Which is why politicians traditionally backtrack between primary and general, back towards what they assume is that 'sweet spot'.

    If they want to gerrymander to be 'completely' safe from the left, they're going to remain perfect targets from the right.

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