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  •  Questionable?? (none)
    You mean like the phrase:

    In a questionable move, the President appointed a KKK Grand Dragon and twice jailed murderer as head of the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department.

    Yeah; appointing a lawyer who's current clients include a company with a HUGH environmental case before the Federal courts is 'questionable'.

    Sen. Murray seems to be right on top of it, doesn't she?  The tough phrase, "calls into question this administration's commitment to protecting our environment".

    Just like appointing a KKK Grand Dragon would 'call into question' the administration's commitment to civil rights.

    Mealy-mouthed wussies.

    What amazes me is that anyone even bothers to write about this.  Do you get it?  Most of the people in this country could care less about who's appointed.  I mean, Scalia goes off on a rant about how the power of the government is derived from God and not the people, and how democracy is an impediment to good government ( and people don't say shit.

    At least 51% of this country deserves what it is getting.  Sorry, but I've tried and tried to get Republican friends of mine to care about the environment - and they don't.  Not one of them.  Not any, not at all; nada, zilch, zip, nope.

    Only when the 'leadership' (and I use that word very loosely) of the Democrats does more of what Dean is doing (and does it better) will people pay attention.

    Where's the DSM investigation?  Why do 44% of the people think that Saddam had something to do with 9/11?  Why do people still believe in Newtonian gravity?  (ok, that's another pet peeve, and I'm getting off-subject)

    •  Thank You Ohio (none)
      How many people really live there? For once, lets lay the blame where its due. The catholics. Where were you when we needed you? My god, the man can't even say he looks pretty from a balcony.

      reconsider standards... by which middle class means your toilet has a seat cover...

      by txdem21 on Sat Jun 25, 2005 at 10:57:02 PM PDT

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