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    There's another thing too, you might call it the small-town effect: People will go out of their way to protect their privacy in a small community where "everyone knows everyone else" because anything that's revealed soon becomes common knowledge. Small town people are generally friendly & open to strangers--until the stranger starts to pry beyond what they're willing to have known.

    IMO it would be interesting to go over the exit polling results vs actual vote totals on as small a scale as possible to investigate this. If there is a "small-town effect" one would expect an inverse relationship between exit-poll discrepancies and community size.

    Very interesting.

    Thanks for your comment, it added a lot of value!

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      BTW your English is somewhere between eminently serviceable & superb.

      I had some good times running around Sverige in the summer of 2000: Malmo, Lund, Goteborg, Kungalv, & of course Stockholm (at the end of a 21-hr trip that started on a bus from Tromso to Narvik & finished on board a train in a couchette compartment rolling through Gellivare & Lulea).

      I was also in Stockholm the next fall, flying in from Vilnius  early on September 13 on my way home via Keflavik the next day. (Note the date. I spent 2 days in sunny Iceland waiting for US airspace to reopen.)  I asked at the front desk of the hotel (where I stayed in one of those windowless broom-closet-size businessman's specials) if they had internet service. The clerk said yes but it was closed. I said that was a shame, as I had friends in New York I had not heard from. She nearly jumped over the counter & dragged me to the computer room, opened it, turned on a PC & said Take all the time you need as she walked away.

      The next day at noon I was onboard a bus to Arlanda when the driver pulled over to the shoulder of the expressway. We sat there for 3 minutes, like the rest of Europe, in memory of the 9-11 victims, with no sound but the drum of a heavy rain on the roof.


      Before that I had an interesting experience with a Swedish journo in Prague during the 1990 elections. He wrote for a newspaper called Idag out of Lund & was based in East Berlin to cover reunification & had come down to report on the elections; we were staying in the same hotel & met in the breakfast room. He sneaked me into the foreign press center in what was then the Palac Kultury & after the news conference was postponed I showed him around the Vysehrad neighborhood outside & we ended up in Mala Strana having supper at a beer hall. There Andreas (I'm fairly sure that was his name--last name lost but something German-sounding starting with a B or S I believe) blithely informed me that in 5 years a resurgent reunified Germany would be running all of Europe and the USA would be shut out and descending into an impoverished future. And then he asked me what I thought of that.

      I replied, I think you're so full of shit I don't know where to start! Having just traveled through der sogenannte DDR to get to Prague, I laid into him: Do you ever get out of your Berlin bunker or do you just copy down the press releases from the government? Have you seen what a mess that country is? Do you realize that every German I've talked to tells me it will take them at least 10 years to straighten it out & more likely a generation?

      I have this very clear memory of Andreas on the other side of the table, buttering a slice of bread, wearing the classic Swedish tolerant Oh-you-Yanks-you're-such-charming-people-but-you-understand-nothing-of-the-real-world smile...

      ...& when the problems with German reunification began to surface later that year, I thought of him & wondered if he had perhaps revised his estimates of American understanding...

      The greatest trick the GOP ever played was convincing the devil they had a soul to sell.

      by Uncle Cosmo on Fri Nov 08, 2013 at 06:29:45 AM PST

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