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    I was only asking for $6,000. He WANTS me to post this. I have written permission. I am not that stupid. If no one helps him,I will raise for him.The rest of what he needs is  easier to get. Many Veterans need Dental care. I get it for free. I am 100 %. Many are still waiting.

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    by Vet63 on Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 05:47:47 PM PST

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      I am the subject of this post, Frank Marx.

      Several years ago I had two very serious surgeries on my spinal cord. The surgeries were due to injuries that I sustained while serving in the Army. After the surgeries, I was put on almost every pain medication out there. All the pain meds that I took for over a year rotted out the majority of my teeth. Most remaining teeth are either broken off or are sharp and jagged.I only have four to five teeth to chew my food with! The VA refuses to this day to help me with my teeth even though the dental work I need is Service Connected!!!! By the GRACE OF GOD I found Mike. Mike found someone who could and would help! Thank you to all those who have made a donation on my behalf!!!!!

      I will never understand why the VA won't help VETS with their dental work, NEVER!!!! Contact your Congressmen and Senators and tell them enough is enough! If there is anyone out there who is in need of healthcare and dental-care it is our VETERANS!!!!!!

      My wife and I have numerous medical problems but having my teeth seen about is a huge step in the right direction!!!!!!!!!!

      Mike........I CAN NEVER REPAY YOU for all of your help!!!!

      Mike...... .YOU ARE A GOD-SEND and a BLESSING!!!!

      I gave VET63 full authority to post my story and all the personal info in it. It isn't his fault for posting my personal info. If there were anyone at fault, it should be me. If anyone wants to take my personal info and use it against me then that's the Cross that they will have to bare should they do anything against me! I have God on my side and always will! If something that happens to me that is Good, than great, thank you God! If anything that happens to me that isn't Good, thank you God! I put all my problems and concerns at God's feet. He deals with them FOR ME. I also put all the great things and everything in between at his feet. My entire life is AT HIS FEET! Good or Bad! I love you God for all you do!!!!!

      Thank you to all those who have donated their money to help me with my dental problems! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Frank Marx

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